illustrator / designer based in Hong Kong

for LIFE, South China Morning Post, 16 September 2014. Can be read HERE

My first gif. Thanks for the 5 minute tutorial Kaliz!! 

trying to come up with a list of foodstuff that is shaped like a log/roll. Basically phallic shaped foodstuff. 

The making of hot dog bro

It’s happening #supportyourlocalartist #secretwalls #secretwallsxhongkong @secretwalls #hongkong #fringeclub #central


Kimbab guy with a huge kimbab. Decided to do more with the Rock’n’Rolls series

The wisest man leads way
For Young Post, 2 September, about the teachings of Confucius.  

Another quick turnaround job. Managed to get everything done within a day, 2 days before the deadline. Wooop. 

SEE YOU THERE, YES? #secretwallsxhongkong #secretwalls #hongkong #fringeclub #battle

Taco DeeShake, Rattle and Swiss RollKimbab Me Quick

A bunch of gouache paintings solely created for the pun but then tacos aren’t really a roll I guess, ha, whatever, just roll with it, okay? They are all named after 1950s/early 60s rock’n’roll songs.

I did the series back in January, just in time for the Supergraph art fair in February in Melbourne (thanks DHL!). 

A4 digital prints are still being sold on the Supergraph website HERE HERE and HERE, if you are interested. 

Side note, I was told by an Australian that swiss rolls aren’t really a thing down under. Ooops, lost in translation? 

BOOKS! IN BOXES! BOXES OF BOOKS! #preview #childrensbook #midautumnfestival #moon #mooncake #folktale

Abe down to his last arrow
For Focus, South China Morning Post, 15 August 2014. Read the article HERE.

Managed to go from first draft to finalised illustration within 3 hours. (No, I am not boasting or anything. I haven’t had much time, you see.) I was a bit nervous because this is my first illustration for the Focus page, and I didn’t want to muck it up. Glad to see it turned out alright.