Hong Kong is a city of gourmands – gourmands on fire running at a hectic pace between the workplace, the home and back. We stop momentarily for respite, sometimes just to throw back a delicious bowl of brothy noodles, and other times to pause – to breathe for a little longer in solace from our daily lives. For wine lovers, we also like to open a nice bottle, and in these moments we not only breathe – we swirl, we smell, and we ponder. We contemplate things beyond the demands of the everyday.

We hope this guide will accompany you in those moments – as well as in the moments you need to cut to the chase, answering the question, “Where should we go?” Because in this city, one thing is for sure: when it comes to good restaurants with good wine, we are certainly spoiled for choice.

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Hong Kong Restaurants

I collaborated with Ginsberg+Chan, and produced the illustrations for a wine guide written by sommeliers, recommending a selection of Hong Kong restaurants based on their wine.

Thanks Ginsberg+Chan and Chiczando for the opportunity!

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